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Excerpt from Shelter of Love

Charley gazed at the sky. “Looks like a storm is heading our way. And it’s moving fast. The air is thick. We’d better head back to the jeep as soon as we can.”
Mandy looked at the darkening sky. It was only four-thirty. Too early to be so dark. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot across the black clouds. A few seconds later a loud short clap of thunder, “BANG”, made her jump. Then raindrops fell all around them, heavier every second. She rubbed her arms from the sudden chill. The sky quickly opened up and poured rain onto the thirsty earth.
Charley shouted through the din of the storm, “We’ll never make it to the jeep safely in this rain. I know of a cave up here we can take shelter in until the storm passes. Come on.” He led the way.
They ran as fast as they could and soon huddled inside a nearby cave, standing at the entrance watching the storm.
Rhythmic drops of rain pounding hard on the ground cooled the air. The fresh, clean smell washed away the dust of the desert. Rain didn’t happen very often in Arizona. She loved the rare downpours as long as she stayed in a safe, dry place.
Suddenly thunder rumbled so loudly that it sounded only a few feet away. Large rocks from overhead fell in front of them with a deafening roar. Dozens and dozens of them. They kept coming. No wonder the noise had sounded so close. It wasn’t the thunder.
“WATCH OUT! Landslide!”
Charley’s hand grabbed her, pulling her deeper into the cave to safety. Then he pushed her onto the dusty rocky floor.
His arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to him. Frightened, she buried her face into his chest. Her eyes closed tightly as s
he lay on her side. He covered her body with his.
Dust flew everywhere, infiltrating her lungs. Small rocks kicked up and pounded her back. It seemed endless. The sound roared in her ears like a train running over her.
Strong arms held her close to a rock solid body, protecting her. The fear the landslide had driven deep inside her abated a bit as she rested in Charley’s embrace. She felt safe with him, even when the earth seemed to fall on top of her.
The steady pounding of falling stones stopped suddenly. Mandy didn’t dare move, afraid it would start again. The deafening quiet pounded in her ears as blood rushed through her head. Dust clogged her nose and covered her lips. The hard, lumpy ground dug into every part of her aching body.
Mandy pulled away from Charley and pushed herself up to her hands and knees, coughing up dust and dirt.
“You okay?” Charley’s voice sounded through the stillness.


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Shelter of Love Blurb

Veterinary assistant Mandy Woods sets out in southern Arizona to discover who is killing Mexican Gray Wolves, an endangered species.
Her search for the killer with another Save the Wolves member named Charley, leads the two of them into danger that could be deadly for both of them.
As soon as Mandy begins to trust Charley, she learns of a secret he has kept from her—a secret that destroys her trust. Mandy knows the only chance she has of happiness is to face her fears and forge ahead alone with her dream to open an animal shelter for injured large animals. Even if this means denying her feelings for Charley.

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